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CDM Principal Designer Role for Steel Frame Building Projects

As your principal designer, we work closely with you, the principal contractor and other designers on planning, managing and coordinating the health and safety aspects of the design and construction of your steel frame building project, to ensure it meets the relevant standards and regulations, and that the risks are identified and eliminated or controlled. We will also prepare and maintain the health and safety file for your steel building project, which contains information about the project that is needed by anyone who may use or maintain the steel building in the future.

You can involve us at the start of your steel building project and let us handle everything, or use our expertise for specific tasks, such as carrying out a feasibility study.

Our CDM Principal Designer Services for Steel Buildings

When you embark on a steel building project as a business it's important to understand all the design implications up front. This can help you with managing the project budget, understanding what your contractors are:

- Experience gathering all elements of a steel building project
- Most practical knowledge to carry out work, based on experience
- Offer practical solutions with a straightforward design approach
- Unlike an architect we prioritise the practicalities of a building, how it will work for your business whilst still considering regulatory compliances

Why you need a steel building CDM principal designer - A principal designer is a key role in any steel building project, as they are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the workers and the public during the design and construction phases. A principal designer has to coordinate with the client, the contractors, the architects, and the engineers to plan, manage, monitor, and control the design process. They also have to identify and eliminate or reduce any potential hazards and risks that may arise from the structural, mechanical, electrical, or environmental aspects of the project. A principal designer has to comply with the relevant regulations and standards, such as the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015, and provide adequate information and guidance to all parties involved. By having a principal designer role, a steel building project can benefit from improved efficiency, quality, cost-effectiveness, and safety outcomes.

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Meet Our Steel Building CDM Principal Designers

Saxby Hatfield Steel Building Consultants provide a range of services for business owners, local authorities, loss adjusters, large corporations and domestic clients looking to progress their steel building projects. Our experienced team utilise their 30 years in the steel building industry to offer the best solutions and advice.

Peter Lovegrove - As Director of Saxby Hatfield, Peter provides his specialist insight to identify and build an in-depth understanding of our client's steel building requirements, and then ensures those requirements are met through detailed planning and innovative solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Peter has been involved in a wide variety of steel building projects and dealt with a diverse range of clients, giving him a unique perspective on any project.

Charlotte Turner - An important but often overlooked element of any steel building project, is the role that Building Regulations, Health & Safety and practicality have on steel building design. Our steel building regulations design and management team, overseen by our Chief Operating Officer, Charlotte Turner, aim to implement building and planning regulatory compliance into the steel buildings we design. This approach ensures that regulatory compliance isn't a constraining factor to the design of your steel building.

David Lovegrove - David utilises his over 30 years experience in steel building construction and management to ensure that the construction of your steel building runs smooth and hassle free, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Simon Carr - Our principal design engineer, Simon, uses purpose built software and his in-depth technical capabilities to provide clients with initial steel building concepts, 3D imaging and detailed planning and building regulation drawings to help inform decisions on both the design and practical elements of a steel building project.

Contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements, or for more information about our steel building CDM principal designer services or our company. Following initial consultation we can provide an outline proposal detailing how we can help and the costs involved.

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