Door Options For Steel Buildings

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Door Options For Your Steel Building

When it comes to planning your steel building there are many things to consider, both inside and out. Just one of the decisions you'll need to make involves access to the building – what sort of door(s) will you need?

Happily, there's a broad range of options. Let's take a look at some of what's available.

Roller Shutters

If your building needs to accommodate things like craneways and/or forklifts, a roller shutter may well be the answer. They're compact and require little headroom, so don't impede on available space. They may be operated manually or electrically, and there's capacity for customisation, keeping the budget flexible.

Roller shutters can be single skin or insulated, and safety sensors are an additional option.

Simple Roller Doors

These are similar to roller shutters but marketed as garage doors, so suitable for simple builds where heavy-duty security isn't a major concern. Again, they can come with or without insulation, and be manually or electrically operated.

Sectional Overhead Doors

These take up little space and, being sectional, offer flexibility with regard to building access. Rather than rolling up, these doors slide in tracks which go either straight up into the wall space above or else curve and lie beneath the ceiling. They can be single skin or insulated, manually operated or automated, and safety features include safety sensors and finger-trap protection.

High Speed Doors

High speed doors can open either vertically or horizontally. As well as being used for external access, these fast-action doors may be used internally to divide work areas. This can help save energy by reducing heat loss – they may also be insulated – while optimising work flow.

The doors can free up valuable floor space due to the nature of their operation. They can be operated manually or remotely, or triggered by a motion sensor. They can also incorporate a vision panel.

Strip Curtains

If you need to protect certain areas – and the people and goods within – PVC strip curtains are an ideal cost-effective solution. They can keep out physical hazards such as pests, dust, or other air pollutants, reduce noise, and help to maintain the ambient temperature.

Clear strips allow good visibility between areas, while the inclusion of spaced coloured strips can help mark the best place for passing through the curtain. You can choose the degree of strip overlap to best suit the needs of the business. Polar grade strips are also available – they operate to temperatures as low as -45 degrees.

Personnel Access Doors (PA) & Fire Exits

When it comes to personnel access and fire exits, there's a lot to choose from. Doors can be single or double width. They may be solid, louvre or include a vision panel. They can be high-security, fire-retardant and/or acoustic.

These doors can sit alongside a roller shutter, for example, to provide safe, separate access for staff and also a fast exit route should that be needed.

What Door(s) Do You Need For Your Steel Building?

As you can see, when it comes to doors for your steel building there's a wealth of choice, both in terms of style and budget. As well as being planned in to a new build, existing doors can be replaced, repositioned, or resized, depending on your needs. Give the team a call if you want to know more about the wide range of doors available for your steel building.

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