Industrial Steel Building Suppliers

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Industrial Steel Building Suppliers

There is a steel building to suit almost any type of industrial or commercial requirement, and here are just a few of the more common uses:

- Workshops
- Storage units
- Maintenance buildings
- Industrial units
- Manufacturing units
- Marine buildings

What are the advantages of using a steel building for industrial or commercial purposes?

You would normally choose a steel building because they are quick to build and commission so you can get in and use them faster, they have longevity and retain their appearance. Here are the most common reasons people choose to erect a steel building compared to the alternatives of brick, concrete and wooden structures:

Warranty - Unrivalled warranties over other constructions with warranties on some buildings of up to 30 years.

Flexible usable space - Portal frame structure means large spans can be achieved.

Fast return on investment - Precision manufacturing processes means kit type structures with low wastage and short on-site construction times overall giving lower installation costs.

Cost effective - Strength by design with low material usage and reduced weight for transport.

Low maintenance - The steel can be fully galvanised/primed or painted with good gutter systems and cladding with high quality finishes

Environment - Low material usage and well packaged also reduces transport costs Steel is 100% sustainable at least 40% of steel used in construction has been recycled.

British suppliers and manufacturers - High quality and reliable.

Also - easily expandable in future, easy to re-clad or change appearance for branding.

Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your finished building to suit your ideas and budget on 01664 566 119.

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What you may need to consider for your agricultural steel building

Here are some of the questions you may want to ask at this stage.

How will I maintain building temperature? – You will need to consider insulated panels. The thickness will be often specified by building control depending on the heating or cooling systems used. Or the panels can be used to maintain an ambient temperature.

Will I need planning permission? – It is likely you will need planning permission. We can give you full advice on planning permission and guide you through the process, just call now for an informal discussion of you are unsure.

Will I be able to fit internal offices? – Receptions, offices and toilet facilities can be specified and added to all industrial buildings.

What foundations will I need? – Your building will require a firm and solid foundation which is specified by engineers. We’ll give you full information and we can also build the necessary foundations for you.

Is condensation an issue? – This will typically depend on the use of the building. If required you can reduce the potential for condensation through specifying Insulated panels, or an anti-condensation layer on single skin cladding, or as an alternative fibre cement sheets can be used. Please call us and ask, we’ll be pleased to give you all the information you require.

Will the use of the building affect the design? – Yes, it could affect the whole building so it is an important factor. You can have the building designed to your exact specification, and we’re happy to discuss how to make the building most efficient for your purpose.

Can I position doors anywhere in the building? – Personnel and vehicle access door and fire exit doors can be situated anywhere apart from where vertical columns are cited.

Give us a call on 01664 566 119 and we’ll be happy to discuss your exact requirements with you.

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What if I want to customise my industrial building?

As a standard, we can include the following features:

- Plastic coated sheeting and flashings
- Galvanised purlins and cold rolled section
- Fixings with colour matching heads
- Gutters and downpipes

Of course there may be specific reason why you want a slightly different specification. We’ll be happy to advise you of course, however here are the more common options and building accessories:

Personnel access doors - 10 point locking high quality heavy duty security doors. Single point locking, light weight doors. Heavy duty fire exit doors. Double opening doors.

Traffic access doors - Rolling shutter doors (light or heavy gauge). High speed doors. Insulated sectional doors. Hydro-swing doors, for wide openings. Dock loading solutions.

Windows - Double glazed PVCu window units fitting into side walls.

Flashing trims/weather seals - Either matching or contrasting sheet colour.

Heated building - Insulated panels up to 120mm thick to meet regulations.

Drip stop on underside of roof sheets - Anti-condensation liner on single skin roof sheeting- prevents dripping from changing temperatures on underside of steel sheeting.

Roof lights - Skylights used in roof sheeting, allowing light to flood in.

Lean-tos - Easy to add lean-tos for extra cover or increased space.

Internal partition walls - Separate areas with internal steel cladding.

Mezzanine floors - Make use of the space above your head and increase the potential storage area.

Extended eaves/gable - Gives extra shelter and aesthetics.

Got questions? Please just call on 01664 566 119 for any outline advice you may want at this stage.

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So why should I choose a Saxby Hatfield to supply my industrial steel building?

In a business looking to develop, we want to make certain you get a steel building solution with low hassle, transparent pricing and high quality service with the best quality advice.

Here are just some of the reasons our customers choose to work with us:

Planning permission advice - We give you advice and help get your building through the planning process.

Service - We can be your one-stop shop, from initial ideas and concept through to building delivery and contractor sourcing, making the process as easy as possible for you from order to completion.

Experience - Our team have been designing and supplying steel frame buildings for industrial purposes for over 20 years. Hot and cold rolled industrial building experts to help you get the best solution for your business.

Contractor Vetting - We use our expertise to carry out a thorough vetting of proposed contractors to ensure your building is erected by competent erectors and groundwork teams with lots of experience and able to deal with many different applications.

Our "good honest pricing" structure - What makes us unique is that we are open and honest with our pricing. When it comes to industrial steel building projects, we will tell you exactly what the manufacturers and suppliers are quoting for your project and show you our fees separately. We won’t keep increasing our fees if the supply cost goes up! Our focus is sourcing the best quality products at the best price for you.

Good advice - We listen to the requirements to get the best solution.

Including the supply of industrial steel buildings, we also carry out many other aspects of steel building work

- Building Designs
- Industrial Planning Drawings
- Construction Drawings
- Extensions
- Re-cladding and refurbishing existing steel buildings
- Door openings created
- Site clearance
- Footing design

Get in touch today for the right advice and pricing information and join our many customers who have already trusted us to carry out their latest building work – call Peter or David now on 01664 566 119.

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