Metal Cladding Options For Steel Building

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Metal Cladding Options For Steel Building – Choosing Your Finish

We often emphasise the flexibility and adaptability of steel buildings. They are arguably faster to build, extend and adapt than any other type of building, and it can all be done with much less disruption.

A major element when it comes to steel buildings is the cladding. This doesn't just mean how the outside of the building will look – although that's clearly a key component – it also encompasses how the walls are constructed and how the interior will look, too.

Cladding construction involves decisions about things like insulation and how fire boundaries will work, as well as what the finish should be, both inside and out. It's a blend of practicality and aesthetics that, when you get it right, will help make your life easier in the long run.

Looking after the exterior of a steel building doesn't require a lot of work – regular cleaning and keeping on top of maintenance should cover it. However, over time, things can start to look a bit faded and tired. When that happens, giving a building a makeover is an opportunity to do so much more than replace like for like.

The diverse range of steel building cladding that is available opens up a world of opportunity, whether you are planning a new build or looking to give a facelift to an existing building.

Whether you want your building to stand out or blend in, you can do it with style. Say, for example, planning permission requires the building to blend in with its surroundings. That would normally happen in a more rural environment, and there are soft greens and earth tones that are perfect for the job.

The opposite end of the spectrum is to have a building that stands out from the crowd, and vibrant colours that pop can help achieve that. That can be a big benefit if you are set on an industrial estate, for example. You aren't tied to just a flat panel finish, either; different profiles can further differentiate your building.

All sorts of factors come in to play when you are considering steel building cladding. It's a bit like buying a carpet. You need to think about the environment it will be placed in, the demands it has to cope with, and how much you have to spend. You wouldn't be any more likely to buy a luxurious high-end carpet for a rarely used spare room than to buy thick, insulated cladding for a building used for simple machinery storage.

However, if you are talking about your main reception room – or head office or flagship retail outlet – you'd up the ante. This is the face you show to the world. It's also where you (and your family or staff) are likely to spend most time. That makes going for something smarter and more luxurious a sound investment.

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At Saxby Hatfield we don't manufacture cladding – that's not our speciality – but we are experts in our field when it comes to the design and construction of steel buildings, including recommending the most suitable cladding for your new building.

If you're looking to erect a new steel building, or reclad a tired steel building, we can help you to define your needs and plan the next stages of your project. Give us a call and get the ball rolling today.

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