Mezzanine Floors For Steel Buildings

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Mezzanine Floors For Steel Buildings

Opting for a steel building rather than a bricks and mortar structure offers many advantages, speed of construction and sheer versatility among them. An element of that versatility is the option of including a mezzanine floor.

A mezzanine increases the available floor space and utilises the full height of the building – you get an additional boost of usable space. When it comes to multi-purpose buildings, it's an ideal solution as it can be used to separate office space from storage or production areas.

Fitting Mezzanine Floors Into A New Steel Building

If you're interested in including a mezzanine in a new steel building, you can design it in right from the start as part of the planning process. When you opt for a new steel building, it's prudent not only to look at what the needs of the business are now, but also what they are likely to be in two, five, ten, or more years' time. Even if you don't need all the additional space a mezzanine gives you right now, you could plan for future expansion and get ahead of the game.

Supposing you're planning a new steel building and don't want to add a mezzanine now, but want the possibility of installing one later kept open, you can include that requirement in the structural calculations at the outset of a design/build project. When the time comes, you can be confident the steel building can support the additional weight and stress of a mezzanine floor.

Fitting Mezzanine Floors Into An Existing Steel Building

If you have an existing building and need more space, a mezzanine can be retro-fitted. If the initial steel building design means the structure isn't strong enough to support it, then a standalone mezzanine can be fitted. If the mezzanine fails to provide all the additional space needed, then it can be incorporated as part of a bigger extension to an existing building.

Mezzanines Floors Offer Additional Versatility

A mezzanine floor is definitely worth considering if you need more space now or are likely to in the future. It allows you to have an area with two storeys – perhaps for storage below and office space above – and yet still use the full height of the building if that's needed for equipment and machinery. With careful consideration given to workflow and access needs, a mezzanine can transform both a steel building and the operation of the business within.

If you want to know more about steel buildings, whether you are looking at a new build or a refurb/extension, give us a call to discuss your options.

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