Steel Building Feasibility Studies & Options Appraisals

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Steel Building Feasibility Studies and Options Appraisals

Understanding if your project is viable - When you're considering the feasibility of a new steel building project, whether that's starting from scratch with a brand-new steel framed building or looking to breath some life into an old, under-utilised metal shed – we are here to help guide you along the process.

When approaching steel framed building design, you might instantly think about speaking to an architect, or you might be concerned about the cost of hiring one. If that's the case, speak with our steel building experts to understand the other options available to you.

What is a steel building feasibility study and why we believe they are so important for a steel building project or refurbishment?

We know your building will be a big investment and you might not have undertaken a project of this size or scope before, so we offer a range of services to assist you through all the technical aspects of your new steel building project one of those services is our steel building feasibility study.

Our feasibility studies assess the practicality of your proposed steel building project and can help identify feasible options. We have provided feasibility studies for a variety of clients, including individuals purchasing land with steel building potential, to farmers looking to make logistical changes to their existing farm buildings.

As part of the feasibility study, our steel building consultants visit the proposed site, consult with you to get an in depth understanding of your requirements and what you are looking to achieve.

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Our feasibility studies can include a variety of different considerations and additional surveys such as:

• Looking at potential issues with Planning Permission
• Environmental impact Assessments
• Analysis of budget relative to client requirements
• Assessing the economical differences between a new steel building vs a refurbishment
• Site appraisals, including topographical surveys, contaminated land investigations
• Assessing potential operational and maintenance issues
• Considering different solutions to accessing potential sites
• Procurement Options

Our design engineer can also provide virtual 3D concept design of your steel building so you can see how design options can work within your existing site layout. Check out our Design and Drawings services for more information.

Our experts are here to ensure your proposed building will not only be fit for purpose but well-thought-out for you and your business.

Steel Building Refurbishments and Alteration Specialists

Are you considering making a change to an existing building? Whether you need to expand due to business growth or simply looking to get some use out of an old leaking steel building – our team can help you look for the most economical and viable solutions to make your existing steel building fit for purpose.

If you are unsure of how best to approach a steel building refurb or large-scale repairs, our experts can point you in the right direction. Using their 30 years of experience in the steel building industry, they are more than well equipped in helping you make the most of your steel building no matter what industry you are in. Our consultants specialise in areas such as assisting loss adjusters with fire damaged steel frames and storm or accidental damage repair.

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Alpha Air, Site Survey and Feasibility Study

The proposed project was to increase the height of the existing building by extending upwards to create a two-storey unit. Mark got in touch with us as he wasn't fully satisfied with the architects he had consulted initially on the project.

Being specialists in Steel Building Design at Saxby Hatfield we were able to assist Mark following his initial call by arranging a detailed site survey and consultation. The team here have been involved in the planning, design, and construction of steel buildings for over 20 years and so we are well equipped to offer helpful and practical solutions to the design and approach that he should take.

Following the initial site survey, Simon, our Head CAD Engineer, was quickly able to construct the initial design concept into a 3D model to provide clarity. This ensured that what Mark had visualised in his head was accurate and worked in practical terms. Once Mark was satisfied with the design, the next phase was to look at the practicalities of the project. We therefore carried out a feasibility study to do just that. The report took into account the budgeted cost implications and options he would need to consider including practicalities to factor in for the project as a whole.With this understanding Mark was able to approach the proposed project in small phases with option to manage his output. We understand the need for both individuals and business owners to carefully budget and plan any large building project. Being able to offer a phased approach, the team at Saxby Hatfield Steel Building Consultants can kick start your project at your own pace. A huge benefit for those looking to establish if a prosed project or idea is viable.

We know that going to an architect for your steel building isn't always necessary and may not be what your project needs. So get in touch and with our friendly team of steel building experts to talk about your steel building project who will be happy to guide you through the initial stages of your project and more. Mark at Alpha Air moved on to proceed with the next phase of his project which involved beginning a Pre-Planning Application.

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Meet Our Steel Building Project Feasibility Consultants

Saxby Hatfield Steel Building Consultants provide a range of services for business owners, local authorities, loss adjusters, large corporations and domestic clients looking to progress their steel building projects. Our experienced team utilise their 30 years in the steel building industry to offer the best solutions and advice.

Peter Lovegrove - As Director of Saxby Hatfield, Peter provides his specialist insight to identify and build an in-depth understanding of our client's steel building requirements, and then ensures those requirements are met through detailed planning and innovative solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Peter has been involved in a wide variety of steel building projects and dealt with a diverse range of clients, giving him a unique perspective on any project.

Charlotte Turner - An important but often overlooked element of any steel building project, is the role that Building Regulations, Health & Safety and practicality have on steel building design. Our steel building regulations design and management team, overseen by our Chief Operating Officer, Charlotte Turner, aim to implement building and planning regulatory compliance into the steel buildings we design. This approach ensures that regulatory compliance isn't a constraining factor to the design of your steel building.

David Lovegrove - David utilises his over 30 years experience in steel building construction and management to ensure that the construction of your steel building runs smooth and hassle free, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Simon Carr - Our principal design engineer, Simon, uses purpose built software and his in-depth technical capabilities to provide clients with initial steel building concepts, 3D imaging and detailed planning and building regulation drawings to help inform decisions on both the design and practical elements of a steel building project.

Contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements, or for more information about our steel building consulting services or our company. Following initial consultation we can provide an outline proposal detailing how we can help and the costs involved.

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