Steel Buildings For Scout Huts

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Steel Buildings For Scout Huts

For many of us, joining the Cubs, then the Scouts (or the Brownies, then the Guides) and being a part of that community was an integral element of growing up. We learned about care and cooperation, having integrity and showing respect, and how to help in practical ways.

Scouting was established in the UK in 1908 and, just six years later, many Scouts mucked in on the Home Front to help with the war effort. Alongside such things as sounding the all clear after air raids, assisting the coastguard, and working on farms, they established the Scout Hut and Ambulance Fund. The Scouts raised money and the fund was used to buy ambulances, used as far away as the Middle East, and huts, which were established and run as places of relaxation for troops across Europe.

The outbreak of World War II saw the movement step up again, and over 50,000 Scouts trained under the National War Service scheme. Among other things, they assisted with the evacuation of civilians, the preparation of air raid shelters, and painting white lines along the sides of roads.

Scouting is an active movement. Yes, Scout troops need somewhere to meet up, and space for games, but they also need storage for the various bits of equipment they have, and that can be anything from footballs to climbing gear to canoes. There's usually some camping equipment, too.

Scout huts come in all shapes and sizes, and one, in Godalming in Surrey, is a Grade II listed building. It began life as a barn in the eighteenth century and subsequently underwent a series of alterations. In 1915, it was established as a club β€˜to benefit the moral, social or intellectual' life of the parish.

While some troops are attached to churches and are able to make use of their premises, or can perhaps access a community centre or village hall, others need their own buildings. Some may have been repurposed – like the Godalming scout hut – whereas others may be purpose-built.

In true Scouting fashion, when a troop isn't using a scout hut themselves, it's often made available for others to use. As well as the rental income being a welcome source of funds, it meets a need in the local community, whether that be as a place for meetings, a training location, or a party venue.

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