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Steel Building Suppliers

With the helping hand of our steel building experts, we're focued on supplying people and businesses with the right steel framed building for their needs.

What our steel building supply service includes – Liaising with the manufacturers, supply of quotation directly from the manufacturer, review against your bespoke specifications, follow up throughout the order process and approval of general arrangement drawings, all for the same price as going to directly to the manufacturer.

If you are still unsure on the details of your new steel building, we also offer an initial concept and 3D image service which you ask us more about.

Common Uses for Steel Buildings

On this page you will find details of the types of steel framed buildings we design and source.

Steel buildings for engineering and manufacturing - Drive your engineering business forward with the right steel building. We design steel buildings for engineering by bearing in mind anything that could make a difference in the day-to-day running of your business. Everything you need, from access, health & safety, and lighting, to power, extraction, gantry cranes and much more will come under the spotlight. We'll look at whether the space needs to be versatile for different uses. We'll consider issues such as whether you're going to be there for the next twenty years or looking at an exit strategy in five.

Industrial and commercial steel framed buildings - Need more space for a growing business or planning to replace a steel frame building that's past its prime? Whether it's manufacturing units, workshops, maintenance buildings or marine buildings. Get the quality, cost efficiency and reassurance you need from a building supplied through Saxby Hatfield steel building consultants. We've supplied hundreds of buildings for industrial and commercial use.

Storage and warehouse buildings - cost efficient and designed for you. With Saxby Hatfield, you'll get a smart, durable steel frame buildings for a cost-efficient price. To help you achieve the best solution, we'll also make proactive recommendations, on issues like: How to add extra value to the space and maximising cost efficiency for your initial build, ongoing maintenance and running costs.

Agricultural and farm buildings - Steel buildings have long been established as a top choice for agricultural buildings. Agricultural steel buildings can be used for livestock, hay barns, crop storage, dairy units, workshops, and machinery and equipment storage. Each unit can be built to your specifications, your sizes, your needs, and each one can be different to the last – at Saxby Hatfield we don't insist on minimum order sizes or costs; we work with your budget and your requirements to get you what you want.

Machinery Storage - Looking for a building specifically for your machinery or equipment? We can create a practical space that offers you ample room to store your tools efficiently and get to them quickly – and to work in the building if you need to. Our service is designed to get to the heart of your requirements so you can have a workspace that makes your life easier and offers you real value.

If you have questions about the right steel framed building for your needs, our experts are here to help.

Whatever questions you have, please do get in touch – we're always happy to help →
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Steel Framed Building Design & Supply

A steel building is a significant investment for both people and companies, so it's important to make sure the design meets your specific needs. Fortunately, steel is both versatile and economical making it a sound choice, compared to other materials, which is why there are so customisable for your needs.

Factors that you will need to consider when thinking about the design of your steel building.

Purpose – think about where and how the building will be used when it is finished. Have you considered all the relevant factors such as access, expansion potential and future use?

Size – it's important to consider the size of the building. It makes sense to add 20% more space than you think you need to allow for future expansion. By not making the structure large enough in the short-term you may incur further costs down the line so make sure you future-proof as much as possible.

Doors – Think about access to the building and the type of doors you require and whether these are going to be regular personnel doors, overhead or roller shutter doors or a combination. Consider what the doors will be needed and the implications of any machinery or vehicles that will need to pass through the doors. As well as whether they are in the gable or side bays, depending on site requirements.

Height – The height of the building is a significant consideration, establish how much height is needed, and again consider any potential plans for expansion that may occur in the future. Some beams cannot be changed even though the length can usually be extended by removing the end walls. Steel buildings are incredibly flexible making them an excellent choice for many different situations. They can easily be customised and also extended if it becomes necessary.

Contact us to find out how we can help to supply your perfect steel structure.

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Designing & Supplying The Right Steel Building For You

The five main considerations that affect steel building structures are:

1. Storage of bulk materials and loading of side walls
2. Mezzanine floors
3. Hoists and cranes
4. Larger building spans
5. Solar panels on roof

Storage of bulk materials and loading of side walls - If the use will be for products such as aggregates, waste materials or other bulks products, the structure of the steel building will be required to take forces from the weight of the product, but also potentially from machinery and loading shovels pushing against the structure of the building, without the correct steel work for this, the building will bend and twist causing damage or collapse!

Mezzanine floors - All steel framed buildings move, some move a lot, and have been designed to sway, when a building has a mezzanine floor attached to it, the frame would be designed to move very little, not as a safety concern but for comfort. You and I are very perceptive of movement underfoot.

Hoists and cranes - If your steel building will have a material lifting device attached to any part of the steel work, the extra weight and strain that the load will put onto the steel work, will need to be checked. The steelwork used must be fit for purpose.

Large span buildings - If large spans are required to give large clear working areas, then it will impact on the type of construction and the weight and size of the steel frame required to support itself and roof structure.

Solar panels - Solar panels will usually affect the purlins that fit between each portal frame. If solar panels are likely to be put onto your steel building, either now or in the future, it would need allowing for and this can be done in the early stages to futureproof your investment.

If your steel building is going to be used to perform any of the above it would need to pass structural calculations to ensure that it would be fit for purpose, safe, strong and last for many years.

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Meet Our Steel Building Consultants

Saxby Hatfield Steel Building Consultants provide a range of services for business owners, local authorities, loss adjusters, large corporations and domestic clients looking to progress their steel building projects. Our experienced team utilise their 30 years in the steel building industry to offer the best solutions and advice.

Peter Lovegrove - As Director of Saxby Hatfield, Peter provides his specialist insight to identify and build an in-depth understanding of our client's steel building requirements, and then ensures those requirements are met through detailed planning and innovative solutions. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Peter has been involved in a wide variety of steel building projects and dealt with a diverse range of clients, giving him a unique perspective on any project.

Charlotte Turner - An important but often overlooked element of any steel building project, is the role that Building Regulations, Health & Safety and practicality have on steel building design. Our steel building regulations design and management team, overseen by our Chief Operating Officer, Charlotte Turner, aim to implement building and planning regulatory compliance into the steel buildings we design. This approach ensures that regulatory compliance isn't a constraining factor to the design of your steel building.

David Lovegrove - David utilises his over 30 years experience in steel building construction and management to ensure that the construction of your steel building runs smooth and hassle free, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Simon Carr - Our principal design engineer, Simon, uses purpose built software and his in-depth technical capabilities to provide clients with initial steel building concepts, 3D imaging and detailed planning and building regulation drawings to help inform decisions on both the design and practical elements of a steel building project.

Contact us for an informal discussion about your requirements, or for more information about our steel building consulting services or our company. Following initial consultation we can provide an outline proposal detailing how we can help and the costs involved.

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